One Voice, One Heartbeat

Gone are the times when we bow down – wounded, oppressed and taken for granted. Gone are the times when we walk away – belittled, crushed and defeated. Today we will walk these roads with pride and dignity. Together we will walk along the lands which brought us humiliations and sufferings whilst strengthened by the reason of why we are here. We are united by one purpose, not just for us but for all peoples. Today and the next days to follow – we want to be heard.

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What is freedom?

Where I come from blood is shed
Traitors pierce heroes red
Where I come from cries echo
Past is haunting and the present is yellow
Where I come from, brothers still fight
For the freedom forgone to escape the white
Where I come from few remains true
Where is the fire of hope, let it burn blue

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The Time to Heal

There was a time when the girl thought she found love – the very kind of love depicted in scenes of films and written in pages of novels. It was the love that most people wish to find, the love that each of us desires. She welcomed this love with jubilation; she embraced it as if it was knotted to her life. It was the first time she ever let her guard down. She affirmed, there are no such things as boundaries. And just like that, at age 18, she opened and bared her soul.

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The Outlier

This is for all the misfits.

Considering the drastic changes that the earth has undergone, it is safe to say that humans, too, have evolved in ways unimaginable before. Do we change in accordance to our surroundings or, does the earth change because of us? Or, maybe it goes both ways. Nevertheless, through the passing of time, we have acquired traits which impose adverse effects and, if not mended immediately, will lead to the one thing that we least desire – a bad ending.

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