Baby steps, as they put it
Although the steps are not small
For I falter, I stumble, I fall
Baby steps – no.
These are leaps and glides
Curtsying and waltzing
And of giving in – to what?
To a dance of patience
Where your every move
Fits the made-up steps I do
To a slow conversation
Where you answer yes
To questions not asked
As I say definitely
To all that is ahead of us

There was a song
We waltzed with the melody
Of two lovers, hesitating
Unsure and, in each other’s arms
Who have fallen deep and hard,
But, still too afraid to try
We were already burning
Gazing at each other and yearning
I see myself in your eyes
And I know what you see in mine
But still, baby steps is where we are
Because we know how we feel
And we know what we want
But we are stuck and in need of a trigger
Or we will be anywhere but never closer


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