One Voice, One Heartbeat

Gone are the times when we bow down – wounded, oppressed and taken for granted. Gone are the times when we walk away – belittled, crushed and defeated. Today we will walk these roads with pride and dignity. Together we will walk along the lands which brought us humiliations and sufferings whilst strengthened by the reason of why we are here. We are united by one purpose, not just for us but for all peoples. Today and the next days to follow – we want to be heard.

Recent events in the realm of politics have triggered our senses – dark times are impending. For decades, we have fought for liberty through maintaining societal equilibrium. We have managed to reduce wars and uprisings  by holding on to the common good of interdependence. Despite all these, the most basic of our needs is continually being neglected. Regardless of “progressive” being used to define the state of the world, a vital part of us remains unnoticed – our rights.

Hence, we march for those who are violated because of their gender, race and beliefs. We march for everybody who are held captive by downfalls in reproductive policies. We march for labourers who break their backs but remain underpaid. We march for those incarcerated because of expressing what they think is right. We march for those who are hungry and having no access to potable water. We march for teenagers auctioned for marriage. We march for migrants and refugees. We march for the rest of us.

We believe that it is time to let go of prejudices because of a duplicated X chromosome. We believe that the time for emancipation has come. We do not ask the world to be fair; rather, we ask for its people to be just. We are not here, seeking for crowns and glory; rather, we are here to declare that for as long as our rights are threatened then, there is no stopping us. We do not endeavour to be superior than anyone. Believe us when we say that we just want equal.

There must be no gap among human beings. Initially we are but a solitary fertilised cell until, we divide, we differentiate, and finally we develop. From the beginning, we are all at the same page so, why is it that distinctions come after birth? Ironic as it goes, after birth, we seem to have absorbed these processes backwards. Once development occurs and maturity kicks in, we differentiate based on societal standards and thus, creating a raft amongst ourselves.

We all come to this world with a mission to fulfil. Ours is – we, the women of this world, march for every person’s rights. We may speak different languages but, this right here, is the voice of our souls. We may live in different countries but, we are connected to each other by one mission that makes our hearts beat in synchrony. For as long as we can and for as long as we are together, we are here to fight for the rights we deserve. We are the women of this world and, we believe in us.

[PS: This is for all the strong people who participated to Women’s March. I am with all of you. Thank you for the hope and love. ❤️ ]


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