The Courtroom

Look at them talk as if they know everything

Beauty, money, power and the such –

Things they run after as if worth as much

Watch them either play roles or play dead

Constantly walking to nothing but a mirage;

Thus creating new prisons rooted in decisions

They act like blue bloods, tall with arrogance

But like slaves – used, bruised and scarred

They seem to have masks of perfection –

Strayed, swayed by worldly pleasures,

And far fetched from a higher purpose

All of them pretend as they wander lost

Wait for them reached their saturation points

Similar to a phoenix’s rebirth

With awe, watch them transform and unravel

Now the loser but, before the victor

At last, they would rest their case

For they can no longer continue

To be the judge, the jury and the victim –

All at once, they perish in an instant


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