Who is she?

She pays attention to the little things

Because they create something big

She dreams to set foot on every country

Because wanderlust is in all people

She changes her mind often

Because there is always something better

She makes bad choices sometimes

Because nothing and no one is perfect

She imagines wildly, extraordinarily

Because why not; everything is possible

She gives without expecting returns

Because everyone owes the universe

She expresses her thoughts

Because she strives to be heard

She shows only sincere emotions

Because she wants to be understood

She believes that she is The Queen

Because she is on a mission

She pisses others off

Because respect is her ultimatum

She chases after the unknown

Because she is strong and fearless

She surrenders to no one

Because she knows her worth

She forgives and, forgets

Because to let go of “what ifs” is to be free

She loves like no one has ever done

Because with love, you give all or none at all

She is all these things Because she is a woman


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