Another Song Unsung

This is one of the many midnight ramblings I have. If you ask me, I have no idea where I get them but, I am posting it here with the hope that it become a song heard by someone.



There is nowhere to go
Because they all say no
So I'll take what you give
Take it all for the life I outlived

Your eyes drown me
Your scent awakens me
Your wit overwhelms me
Your words revive me

The breath of fresh air I long to have...
Is in your soul that I yearn to touch
They don't understand what we have
But I do and, with you sacrifice is a must

You're everywhere and  I feel you
We're living the moment and I choose you
We're zero turned infinity and I see you
Angel, you are air and I am with you

If fate is against us then we err
So what we have, do remember
The world is slowly becoming undone
Like another song unsung for a loved one

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