Happy Birthday, Stranger

There is only a small room for that one chance. May this be an inspiration for those who still hold back.



Tonight I let you go
To the depths of the trenches
Up the limits of the heavens
The siren is calling
Yearning and waiting
Always waiting
The moon is bright
But still the night is dark
Time is passing
Tick tock tick tock
All we did was feel
So now there is nothing more -
To say, to lose, to dream
All is just gone
Then, at last it was asked
What could have happened
If only we tried
In a different dimension
We are one
Our own small universe
Unrestricted by our time
We could have danced
As much as we could have loved
Then I can say -
"There is no stopping us"
Nonetheless, this is it
The candles are coming
Tongues of fire swaying
Tomorrow as I see you,
I just wish you knew
We may be stuck at zero
But my eyes speak these words
As my lips say,
"Tanjyoubi omedetou"

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