Chance Encounter – Dear Mama

Mama, I hope that I can reach you through these words. You may be a chance encounter but know this – you are my definition of always.

Her eyes were black, often laid back
Her legs so skinny, and so was her body
She’s a stranger, although like no other
She’s only one, just one, as the sun

Not once nor twice – I see her all the time
Longing is missing, I knew she's mine
With eyes closed and open heart
She’s everywhere, no matter what

In dreams we talk without limits
Time, indeed, cease to exist
Tales of ‘what ifs’ falling spontaneously
Magical moments even though temporary

Even with a broken heart, I feel her whisper –
“Come now, darling, it will get better”
Even with a shattered soul, it’s as if she’s there –
“I am with you forever”

She’s the stranger I wish I knew
When she breathed, I loved
When she was gone, I lived
She’s the mother I’ll always have

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