Dear Reader

Dear Reader,

Spring has arrived and barely across my room’s view are pink and white bundles of cherry blossom in full bloom. It only took few weeks for the tiny buds to be full grown adults. Ironically, the flowers only last a couple of days before they fall and hit the ground.

I was born in a land where the weather can either be wet or dry, where at this time of year the sky is in its clearest blue hue and the heat is scourging. The vast differences of these two lands are embedded to my system with feelings like transcending from one universe to another – surreal.Location has become immaterial since my ‘move’ because regardless of where I am at the moment, I feel the hope carried by the rays of the sun.

Hope, although spelled with only four letters, is a massive word. Hope can be all things – the piercing cry of a newborn, the acceptance of the latest pay check, the freeing of an innocent from prison, the metamorphosis of a butterfly, the serenity of the waves as they wash the shore. Hope is beautiful for it carries with it the belief of faith. Only those who have faith are capable of hope; only those who believe have faith. We share the same sun so, really, what I am trying to say is – you have hope as much as I have because all of us, whether we like it or not, share hope.

You, who have a huge heart, can do very much than let anger and hate get the best of you. You, who have failed, are yet to give up because new doors leading to greater opportunities are waiting to be opened. You, who have lost a loved one, can learn to let go because you know that he or she has returned Home, utterly safe and sound. You, who are constantly running after ‘something’, have to stop right now and take a deep breath, take time to look outside and see what you could be missing.

After all, life is meant to be lived one step at a time, set your own pace without compromising the beauty of the world and the people around you.

With the whole world as your shield, be the warrior that you are.

Reader, this is just the first of the many letters which will be addressed to people like you, those whom I have yet to meet or those whom I have but never spoken to. The oddity of the act is behind this desire to reach out to people like you who are beyond my grasp. Ambitious as it sounds, I will do it as long as it takes… or as long as this desire to write for strangers is fulfilled.


Your writer


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