Young Minds

College is a big word and university is an entirely different world.

Whether you have reached the legal age in your country or, just hanging in the boundary set by law, as long as you are in uni, you are young at heart. For formality, this is the ideal stage of transition from adolescence to adulthood. Although, I beg to differ as the transition differs from one person to another. Some reaches maturity at an early age while some lag behind. However crucial this stage in life is, do not forget to enjoy every moment of it.

The degree program you chose would influence your future career, that is the truth. Your GPA would, undoubtedly, open doors to the third-world companies you have been dreaming to be a part of. But none of that would matter if you did not have a great time on your way to the top. You may have set your goals like, a Latin honor followed by your name on your commencement exercise, but it is not all about achieving your goal.

The bizarre examinations from your spookey professors, the moments when you say “Ah, is this for real?” when you cannot believe that such thing exists, your early morning crams for essays due the the very same day, and the foolish hang-outs with friends which mix up real life shit and hangovers – all of these matter.

These memories, they are life pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, the same jigsaw puzzle that, when made and done, is you.

As long as you have set your priorities, without some aspects of your life being compromised, you are on the right track. You do not have to be the cream of the crop. Sooner or later, you will realize that it is not only the end of the journey that is significant. The journey itself, is. The end, your goal, it will keep your determination. No matter how you wanted to give up and just drop every thing, your goal will keep you going. Whereas, the journey will remind you of what you have sacrificed to reach the end. It is what keeps you smile after that seemingly endless pursuit.

You might have laughed when you realized the people’s assumption that life in university is hard as hell. How wrong were they. In university, you will experience freedom like you have never experienced before. You meet people of different personalities and messed-up lives. More importantly, you get the chance to meet the truest people, your friends. You might even fall in love, not to mention how many times.

The thing is, in university you may be in the deepest troubles but whatever mess you are in, you crawl your own way out.

You make mistakes but, you learn from them. Aside from freedom, your sense of independence is triggered, awakened.

Life in the uni is a huge pain in the ass sometimes but more often, it is something that is meant to be remembered. In some ways, university life brings out your real character because your attitude and previous perceptions change and improve.

Whether you like it or not, your life in the university defines you so, own it.



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